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 Date:  Tue, 08 Feb 2000 23:00:33 CST
 To:  Chucke(at)
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I don't think this is possible. other include statements that were suggested 
(css, js) are client-side. i do believe <!--#include is server-side and 
cannot be done with js. by the same token, js cannot write asp. i wonder, 
however, if asp can write this being that both are server-side...hmmmm. - 

>Thanks to everyone for their responses. I tried subsituting a variable for
>"<" as Stephen Thorin suggested, but that didn't work. I also checked the
>carriage returns as Peter Newton suggested, but they were fine. Peter 
>asked if I really could write an include statement with Javascript. I still
>don't know, but I do know you can write other "include" type statements,
>such as CSS and javascript file links.

>I decided to go to using ASP for the form, since I'm on an IIS server (not
>my choice of server). In this way, I can set a variable in the link to the
>form (eg, and then use Case to
>display the correct include statement like this:
>Select Case Request("formtype")
>Case "info" %>
><!--#include virtual='/includes/include1.html'-->
><% Case "ui_reg" %>
><!--#include virtual='/includes/include2.html'-->
><% Case Else %>
><!--#include virtual='/includes/include1.html'-->
>End Select
>This is also working in the remainder of the form to customize headings and
>explanatory text. So I'm happy, I guess.
>Chuck Evans
>Web Marketing Manager
>Captura Software, Inc.
>(425) 424-1155
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> > > From: Chuck Evans [SMTP:Chucke(at)]
> > >
> > > I have the following javascript (shown below). In every case, when I 
> > > to
> > > run it, I get an error "Line 26, Char 68, Unterminated string 
> > > That indicates the character "a" in the word "virtual" in the very 
> > > if/then statement. If I've coded the script right (which I obviously
> > > haven't) then it should be executing the second if/then, not the 
> > > I have tried every combination of double and single quotes on the 
> > > to be written but can't get past this error.

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