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 Date:  Wed, 16 Feb 2000 19:53:35 CST
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the problem is in the nav_js.html file. it redirects to the proper 
navigation page when the frameset is loaded. if one hits back, the browser 
uses that frames history and loads the redirect sending the visitor back 
where they came from. you could use the location.replace method to over 
write the history which was added in JS1.1, or you could run this check in 
the frameset document and write the proper frame tag. just a thought - 

> > -----Original Message-----
> > > We host several sites as "virtual servers," and each one
> > > must have a BASE HREF tag in the head of the index
> > > document.
> >
> > Why do they need a base href tag?  This doesn't have anything
> > to do with virtual servers, or even virtual hosting for that
> > matter.
>In the case of several versions of Netscape Enterprise 2.x, it is a
>requirement. I've double-checked Netscape's docs. I'll agree if I may 
>your wording to "SHOULDN'T have anything to do ..."
> > > My problem is that this system disables the Back
> > > button on browsers. Is there a JavaScript that
> > > will store
> >
> > What browsers? What operating system? base href does not
> > disable the back button on MS Windows-based Internet
> > Explorer or Netscape Navigator.
>It does this (in my tests) with the IE5 and NN4.7 for Windows, and NN4.7 
>Mac. Here's a URL if you'd like to try it ...
>Keith Purtell, Web Designer
>VantageMed Corporation

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