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by "MC B" <mc_b2(at)>

 Date:  Wed, 23 Feb 2000 12:34:05 GMT
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It's the first tiem I post.

I have a framed page, something like:

<.frameset cols="170,*">
<.frame name="left" src="menu">
<.frame name="right" src="contents">

the file in the left frame, menu.htm contains a script which opens a new 
window with the same file in it:

FloatMenu ='menu.htm'.'FloatMenu');

AND then closes the frames or -better said- opens the contents in the full 
size main window, like this:


Am I correct in assuming that the parent of FloatMenu is the frame named 
and when 'right' disappears, how should a javascript 'call' the main window? 
(I tried parent, but it won't work).

Basically, what I want to create a function to reopen the frames in the main 
window from the window called FloatMenu and load in the left frame the file 
that's in FloatMenu, and load in the right frame the fiel that's in the main 
window when the function is called.

I know it's a rather messy explanation, and unfortunately I can't give any 
URL, because this thing is meant for local use.

Hope you can give advice anyway (pls cc me, I am on the digest).


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