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 Date:  Tue, 29 Feb 2000 05:13:57 CST
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if i recall, you should set the PageSize property of the recordset to the 
number of records grouped, and the AbsolutePage to the number of the group 
you are on. then to move to the next page, resubmit to the same script and 
change the AbsolutePage to the next page. attached is a CandleBrowser 
example i had to do for a db class. it uses a PageSize of one, but could 
easily have a higher page size and a while loop run through the record set 
if need be. for the sake of the list, this file will not be attached for 
them. let me know if you need help modifying the script. - Cyanide_7

>How does one go about implementing the feature you see in alot of search
>engines where only the first 10 results are shown after a search, with
>links to the next 10 etc???  I am building a site with a heavy amount of
>searching and dynamic code (ASP, SQL7, IIS, MTS) and I want to implement
>this feature onto a few of my search pages that regularly return a large
>amount of records.  Is there some ASP (or other) object for this?  Any
>pointers in the right direction for further research would be appreciated!
>Phil Babcock
>Lead Web Designer
>BGS Group Inc.

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