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by WebProgrmr(at)

 Date:  Thu, 24 Feb 2000 15:14:55 EST
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I need a shopping cart service (like miva or americart) that has certain 
functionality.  It's needs to:

1. log all orders placed by a customer and allow the user to reference this 
information for upto one year.
2. retrieve the last order placed by the customer and prefill the same data 
into the input fields as if they want to order the same merchandise in their 
new order.
3. allow incomplete orders to be saved in mid-stream, so that they user can 
leave and come back to where they left off.

We're using Americart now, but according to my developer (in South Africa), 
they don't have this ability built in.  And we have a launch on March 1.  

I've never investigated shopping cart services, and I don't have time to ramp 
up.  If you have an answer, I'd love to hear from you today.  And if it's not 
too much to ask, please CC: me at danj(at)  on top of to the list.  
And if you would like to call me, I'm at 206-499-5054.  Don't abuse this 
number, of course.

++Dan Johnson

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