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 Date:  Fri, 18 Feb 2000 16:42:52 -0500
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>Cyanide_7 provided me with some input based on a script I posted to the
>list. I believe he helped me simplify and strengthen the script. I will
>post the modified version here and once again ask the following

>Is this script IE/NN 3.0 browser compatible? 
>What suggestions would you make to improve this script?

Dear Michael,
i've checked your code in Netscape 3.04 Win95 (I've installed it in a
separate directory, keeping different versions of Netscape in the same

It doesn't work: 

1) I have to confirm your choice (hitting return because there's not an OK

2) I receive an error message in line 9, e.g.: is not
a number

You can correct these errors:

1) add an OK button (or graphics) to have full compatibility (for newer
browser is not necessary to click on it)

2) change
	 if(menu.options[menu.selectedIndex].value != 0)
	if(menu.options[menu.selectedIndex].value != "")
you need to check equality between strings and not between a string and a

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