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by John Caesar Leafston <leaf(at)>

 Date:  Sun, 20 Feb 2000 08:38:36 -0600
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I made jspopup.js for some one in your situation a wile back, seems like it 
might be of use to you hear. It is an all in one solution for drop down 
lists and it allows you to avoid annoying maintenance problems as it builds 
the list from common array's (in the jspopup.js file) every time the page 
in question loads. with it you can have multiple drop down boxes (or 
popup's) on any page, all the same or different, or what ever. and of 
course their are no "Go" buttons :-) If this all sounds a little confusing 
don't worry the file has extensive documentation and cut-n-paste examples. 
it is kind of big (due to extensive documentation)so I am not going to 
paste it in hear but you can get it at the file name is jspopup.js

I have also put up a *.txt version so that you could view it on line (in 
your browser) if you like but you will want to download the jspopup.js one (both files are exactly the 
same save for the .txt extension)

check it out I think it will solve your problems nicely.



At 10:55 PM 2/15/00 Tuesday -0500, you wrote:
>this oughtta be fun,
>ok..., ok..., so i'm a javascript idiot. I openly admit it. ...well, I
>can do roll overs and stuff. I have even hacked a couple of scripts to
>meet my needs, but I never _really_ knew what I was doing. I am more of
>a Graphics/ColdFusion/HTML type guy. Javascript gives me the goose
>What I need is a cross browser compatible script or scripts that will
>allow me to have 2 separate pulldown menus, both containing links to
>different sites/urls. I need to be able to place the menus on a single
>page. The pulldown menus need to execute on the visitor choosing a menu
>option... none of that "go!" button stuff. I can make this work just
>fine with one menu, but 2 gives me errors all over.
>Anyone here ever heard of such a creature? Any help will be appreciated!
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