NN4 frame script mishandlings

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 Date:  Mon, 16 Oct 2000 08:17:35 +0200
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I recently stumbled across an unexpected behaviour by NN4.x that I want to=
share with you.
Maybe not all of you considered that it is possible to load an EXTERNAL js=
file through document.write() giving as an argument a string where the=20
<script src...> tag is included.
Such an event must not be fired onLoad or would rewrite the document. You'd=
call it from within another script tag while the document is still loading,=
such as:


Both IE and NN4 would load correctly the js file and you can invoke its=20
Strange thing happens when you follow the same procedure within a frameset.=
Two frames, up and down. Actaully was not exactly the same code: was a=20
complete rewriting of the document in UP frame by a command invoked on the=
DOWN frame, with:

This loads in a similar way the external js in frame up; now what happens=20
is this: frame down will be able to execute and invoke the external js file=
(written in the UP frame) functions on IE, but this time oddly enough NN4.x=
will produce an error message of unrecognized object (function).
NN6 handles it correctly.
Weird, isn't it?

I want also to add, in case some of you is in touch with the netscape guys,=
that NN6 still has great difficulties in resizing properly a form field=20
when it belongs to a class that assigns to it font family and font-weight.
If some of you has NN6 try to see what happens on NN6 to the textareas on=20
this document:
the exceed the right margin of the browser, overlapping the border of the=20
tables they were inscribed in.
Even weirder, isn't it?

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