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I acknowledge it is a bit OT but maybe not entirely. It is not my field but=
I have a client who is insisting asking me to provide him with the=20
following data. I specify that he is not going to be charged any price by=20
me for this: I consider it a bonus.
So, what he wants to know is:
1) he wants to *embed* in his own web page the form slots from which you=20
can send a message to a SMS or GSM self phone. I stress that what he is=20
asking for is not an url to redirect to the user: he actually wants to=20
embed the form in his page. So question 1 is (provided the possible related=
expenses are up to the client, obviously, so they are not an issue): where=
is a site where I can redirect him NOT to find the service, but to find the=
INSTRUCTIONS to provide his page with the service.
2) same as above but this time for the NIC: he wants to embed a form field=
from which an user can detect whether a web address name is already taken.=
It needs to submit the form to some remote host I bet, so what I'd need is=
a web page where it is explained how to do it (and who must be paied to=20
access this universal database); I repeat he wants to *embed* the form in=20
his page, at least for the first action. For the feedback, I bet he'll have=
to ascertain how the databse provides feedbacks: must the user be=20
redirected to an existing webpage for the feedback, or may may client=20
manage the feedback and provide the surfer with a webpage of my client's=20
own to display the feedback outcome for the query?
3)He wants a scrolling ticker for the news: what services out there might=20
be suggested that you can connect to to get such a ticker (IMPORTANT note:=
we are in Europe, Italy. I am sure that asking for this kind of service in=
italian is a bit too much. In any case I bet that also knowing where such a=
ticker can be found for news in english would be a good start anyway).

I appreciate your help and I TIA, I am sorry I have to resort to the list=20
for such a trivial thing: I like programming not looking for these=20
things... In any case searches through many search engines for strings such=
as "SMS free" or so, only gave me tons of pages with the service but=20
nothing about how to embed your own dervice instead than exploiting=20
existing ones.
PS if you have precise web references, you can also email me privately if=20
you deem this OT
Thank you all!

Alberto.=B7.Vallini  - vallinis(at)
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