Setting up database site

by WebProgrmr(at)

 Date:  Fri, 6 Oct 2000 12:04:53 EDT
 To:  hwg-languages(at)
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Kind and gracious peoples...

I want to learn how to:
1. set up a database... Access, for now.  
2. configure IIS to use it...
3. make calls to the db using ASP.

This is a lot to teach in one email. (I know) But, consider this.  All I need 
to do is get the gist of how to do all three.  So, it should be a small 
database, nearly the default setting in IIS, and a single ASP tag.  Just show 
me how to make something in it work... simple as you can make it.

My ultimate task is to learn how to do each of these in greater detail.  The 
problem is that there are books and books and books to read and I don't know 
where to start.  Your help will thin things up a bit and help me focus on 
stuff which I don't really need to know (for my purposes).

If anyone knows of a video education series on any of these three topics, 
feel free to suggest it. :)  Have a great day.


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