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                      HTML Writers Guild Newsletter
                    Volume 7 Number 4, 02 March 2001

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Table of Contents 

1. Board Appoints Guild Officers for 2001
2. Carole Gay Helms Gutenberg at HWG Project
3. Get the Scoop on New Classes!  HWG-Education List Launched
4. March Town Hall:  March 22
5. A Gift For All Seasons:  HWG Membership Gift Certificates
6. Black of White:  Which HWG T-Shirt Do YOU Want?
7. Upcoming Online Classes: Flash, Web Writing, Web Promotion and more!
8. The HWG-News FAQ:  About Your Newsletter Subscription

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1. New Guild Officers
(Fred Barnett, Secretary, secretary(at)

The HTML Writers Guild Governing Board has appointed the 2001-2002
office slate.  Your Guild officers are:

President 		Frank Boumphrey		frank(at)
Vice President, IT 	Joe Cline		joe(at)
Marketing and Outreach 	Marshall Jansen		marshall(at)
Secretary 		Fred Barnett		fred(at)
Treasurer 		Chris Higgs		chris(at)

The Board would like to thank Joe Cline for all his hard work as the
outgoing President,  congratulates Frank Boumphrey on his new role as
the Guild's President, and welcomes Chris Higgs aboard as our new
Treasurer.  Also, many thanks to Marshall Jansen and Fred Barnett for
their continued service to the organization.

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2.  Project Gutenberg
    (Frank Boumphrey, President, president(at)

The HTML Writers Guild is pleased to announce our new Project
Gutenberg director, Carole Gay.  Carole is a long-standing member of
the Guild and the instructor for Introduction to HTML and HTML Level
II.  HWG oversees a project that marks up Gutenberg documents as XML.
What better way is there to leave a gift to future generations than to
mark up documents in XHTML or XML, and who is better to do this than
members of the worlds largest organization of 'markup professionals',
namely ourselves.  Why XML? Plain ASCII text has several downfalls,
the most obvious being that it only covers the western alphabets,
omits potentially crucial illustrations, and vital formatting is
difficult, if not impossible. Marking up documents in XML will solve
all these problems. Get involved in the Guild's Gutenberg project at

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3.  Educational Announcement Mailing List
    (Gretchen Lowerison, Online Education Director, classes(at)

If you have ever been disappointed because you found out about a class
too late to enroll, consider subscribing to our educational list.
This list will generate an email to you each time we post a class.
The list can be found at

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4.  March Town Hall Meeting: Thursday, March 22nd
    (Fred Barnett, Secretary, secretary(at)

Town Halls are informal affairs, where you can talk to the governing
board, ask questions, and generally let your opinions be known in a
more public forum than email. We hope to see you there! 

The details on the March town hall meeting are:

22 March Town Hall Meeting 
Date:      Thursday, 22 March 2001 
Time:      6:30 p.m. PST, 9:30 p.m. EST
Server:    HWG Interactive,
IRC:, port 6667
Channel:   #townhall

To connect, either go to the URL above and use the Java-based client
available via the web, or use your favorite IRC client and join
channel #townhall.

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5. HWG Membership Gift Certificates 
   (Chris Weiss, Controller, treasurer(at)
The HTML Writers Guild is proud to now offer gift certificates! 

You can purchase a Gift Certificate good for one year of full
membership in the HTML Writers Guild, with all of the benefits that
membership provides. You can also personalize the gift for any
occasion!  Give someone you know a membership today!

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6. Show your support! Buy a NEW Guild T-shirt! 
   (Marshall Jansen, HWG-News Editor, editor(at)
We offer Guild-logo shirts in both black and white shirt colors. The
black t-shirts are going fast, and our size selection is getting
limited, so order soon! These shirts are high quality, and feature the
Guild logo and URL screen-printed on the front.  The shirts are $24,
shipping included ($28 for foreign shipping), and you can get an order
form here:

You can see the T-shirts here:

Show your support of the Guild by wearing the logo! 

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7. Upcoming Online Classes: Take an online class! 
(Gretchen Lowerison, Online Education Director, classes(at)

Through a web-based interface, we offer a broad series of online
classes designed to teach you the skills you need, in a way that fits
your busy schedule. Our instructors are your fellow Guild members,
chosen for their expertise in their field and their willingness to
pass along their experience to you.

Upcoming courses you can take in March include:

Business Writing Basics 
March 5, 2001 - April 29, 2001 (8 weeks)

In the perfect world, Web developers have the support of other
specialists when building sites -- copywriters, graphic designers,
network administrators, and so on. In the real world, we all know this
rarely happens. Often, you'll get saddled with creating the whole
site, including writing the text content of the pages. This course
will help you feel more comfortable with that task.


Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets 
March 5, 2001 - April 15, 2001, 2001 (6 weeks)

Cascading Style Sheets have become an important component of new W3C
recommendations.  HTML 4.0 Strict relies on Style Sheets for all
stylistic presentation, the Web Accessibility Initiative makes use of
CSS for improving access for the disabled, and new work on HTML and
XML will continue to make heavy use of CSS for the future.


Introduction to JavaScript 
March 5, 2001 - April 15, 2001 (6 weeks)

Designed for the student with little to no working knowledge of
JavaScript. Students will learn JavaScript structure and syntax, how
to interact with environment variables, use event handlers, perform
form validation, create rollover effects and receive an overview of
working with cookies.


Advanced Web Writing 
March 5, 2001 - April 29, 2001(8 weeks)

In this course, students will work intensively on the copy for a web
project and get the feedback of fellow students and the instructor. We
will review subjective and objective tools for identifying and
analyzing the audience for a web site. We'll compare and contrast the
advice experts give on writing text for the web, along with a variety
of web style guides available.


Sites that Sizzle: Web Animation with Macromedia Flash 4/5 
Dates: March 19, 2001 - April 29, 2001 (6 weeks)

This class sheds a needed light into the complex world of web
animation.  Don't know what Flash is? Visit and rush back here to get
into what is considered to be the most important revolution in web
design these days.


Beginning Programming with Perl
March 19, 2001 - April 29, 2001(6 weeks)

Learn the basics of the Perl programming language, popular for CGI
programming, system administration, and a variety of other tasks. The
course will cover the fundamentals of the language, such as variables,
looping and conditional structures, regular expressions, modules,
database  communication, and system administration.


Introduction to HTML 4.0
March 19, 2001 - April 29, 2001(6 weeks)

Designed for the student with little to no working knowledge of
creating HTML files "by hand." If you're looking to learn HTML from
scratch or move beyond using a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get)
editing tool, this is the class for you.


Web Site Promotion 
March 26, 2001 - May 6, 2001(6 weeks)

This is a course in Basic Web Promotion for students with existing Web
Based businesses and/or offline businesses to promote on the Internet.
The course covers the basics of developing a marketing plan, branding
and positioning , web-based promotional strategies and how to use
traditional marketing strategies to supplement or enhance an Internet
marketing program.


FrontPage 2000 
March 26, 2001- May 6, 2001(6 weeks)

Microsoft FrontPage 2000 is designed for the student who already has
some basic knowledge of the HTML tags used to create Web pages and
would like to learn a rather quick and straightforward way to develop
and manage Web pages. The course is taught by an Industry-experienced
teacher who uses FrontPage on a daily basis.


Active Server Pages for Non-Programmers 
March 26, 2001- May 6, 2001(6 weeks)

This course is designed for students proficient in HTML but with
little or no programming experience. The programming techniques of ASP
introduce interactive dimensions to static web pages.  To employ these
techniques non-programmers will develop some basic programming skills
in VBScript.


Introduction to XHTML 
March 26, 2001 - May 6, 2001(6 weeks)

XHTML is the "bridge" between HTML and XML. If you are interested in
learning how to hand-code Web pages that will transition into the XML
future while still remaining backward compatible with current Web
browsers, this class is for you!


Get more information at: 


Course fees are based on membership level; Full members receive a
discounted tuition price, while Trial members pay the standard price.
Full membership is only $40 per year, so upgrade your membership
before registering, and save money! Payments may be made online via
secure transaction; all figures are in U.S. funds.  A certificate of
completion is available for an  additional $5; the request needs to be
made at the time of registration. A certificate can be requested after
class is completed for $10.  Textbooks (when required) are separate
and may be purchased through the Guild's online bookstore, The
Bookmark. Books should be purchased before the first week of class! In
addition, students should have regular access to the web and the
ability to post completed assignments on a public (non-Intranet) web

This issue of HWG-News is sponsored by: Advertise your company or product here!  Contact advertising(at)

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8. Why Did I Get This Email? And Other HWG-News FAQs 
(HWG-News Newsletter Editor, editor(at)
This newsletter was edited by Kef Moulton <kef(at)>. 

Some questions you may be asking:

Q: Why did I get this mail?
A: You received this newsletter because you are a member of the HTML
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HWG-News, please see the List Charter at:

Q. Why doesn't this newsletter talk about web design or HTML more?
A. The newsletter is the Guild's administrative bulletin to the
membership; beyond the HWG News Tips, we don't include specific
information on web creation. If you are interested in the topics of
Web design and HTML, then you might want to subscribe to some of our
discussion lists devoted to those topics. More  information on the
Guild's offering of discussion lists can be found at:

Q. How can I find out more about Guild activities?
A. The Guild has set up a one-way announcement list, HWG-Announce,
that carries bulletins of day-to-day Guild business. For details on
how to subscribe, please see:

Q: How do I unsubscribe from HWG-News?
A: Since this is a required list in order to maintain your Guild
membership, unsubscribing is the same as resigning from the HTML
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A: The HWG-News Mailing List is a "Read-Only" list -- please do not
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