HTML Writers Guild Newsletter -- March 1998

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                       HTML Writers Guild Newsletter
                       Volume 4 Number 3, March 1998

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Table of Contents:

1.  Meet the Guild at Spring Internet World in Los Angeles!
2.  HWG Joins the World Wide Web Consortium
3.  Guild Officers and Election Results
4.  Request for Proposals Program Goes Live March 9
5.  Gearing Up for Online Classes!
6.  Upgrade Your Membership Online -- Now Easier than Ever!
7.  Volunteer Opportunities in the HWG
8.  Newsletter Administrative Notes

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1.  Meet the Guild at Spring Internet World in Los Angeles!
     (Ann Navarro, Treasurer, ann(at)

Attending Spring Internet World next week in Los Angeles, or just
happen to live in the area? Come on down and meet the Guild! 

Date:   Thursday evening, March 12, 1998
Time:   6:00 pm
Where:  The Westin Bonaventure Hotel
        404 S. Figueroa, Los Angeles, IW Headquarters hotel
        The "Beaudry A" meeting room (main hotel tower)
Who:    HWG President Joe Cline, Treasurer Ann Navarro, GB member
        Kynn Bartlett, and you!

Come and win!   Macromedia has graciously donated a copy of their new
Dreamweaver product for us to give away at the event. You must be
present at the meeting to win!

This event will be an informal get together: an opportunity for Guild
members to meet three of their Governing Board members, to ask
questions about the Guild, discuss Net happenings or anything else!
We will have access with projection viewing to enhance any web related

If you have any questions about the event, please feel free to email

The latest details will be posted to the Guild's IW web page, at:

See you there!

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2.  HWG Joins the World Wide Web Consortium
    (Kynn Bartlett, Governing Board Member, kynn(at)

I'm proud to announce that the HTML Writers Guild has become the first
organization of web designers to join the World Wide Web Consortium 
(W3C).  Membership in the W3C gives the Guild a voice in the
international web community, including the standards processes, and a
chance to work with the true leaders in the web industry.

Benefits to the Guild include a seat on the W3C Advisory Committee;
the ability to provide strategic direction to the Consortium;
participation in working groups, workshops, and symposia; access to
the W3C resources and website by Guild staff.  These benefits are
coordinated by our Advisory Council representative; Ann Navarro has
been appointed to that position.

Further information about the Guild's membership in the W3C,
including how "Plus" members can join the new hwg-plus-w3c mailing
list, can be found on the Guild's website at:

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3.  Guild Officers and Election Results
    (Kynn Bartlett, Governing Board Member, kynn(at)

The following Governing Board members have been elected
by the Board to serve as officers of the HTML Writers Guild:

President:           Joe Cline               <joe(at)>
Secretary:           Charlotte Crothers      <char(at)>
Treasurer:           Ann Navarro             <ann(at)>
Vice Presidents:
  Business Svcs      Joe Cline               <joe(at)>
  Admin Svcs         Gerald Oskoboiny        <gerald(at)>
  Educational Svcs   Charlotte Crothers      <char(at)>
  Member Svcs        Tammy Scroggs           <tammy(at)>

Members-At-Large:    Fred Barnett            <fred(at)>
                     Kynn Bartlett           <kynn(at)>
                     Jim Barchuk             <jim(at)>
                     Steve Cherrier          <steve(at)>
                     Mike McGhan             <mike(at)>

After the 1998 Governing Board election, Fred Barnett was
appointed to one of the vacant slots on the Board, and Gerald
Oskoboiny was re-appointed; both will serve 3 year terms until
February 2001.

Complete election results can be found at:

Special thanks to all the candidates, the Nomination Committee,
Rich Bowen, and the members who cast votes!

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4.  Request for Proposals Program Goes Live March 9
    (Kynn Bartlett, Governing Board Member, kynn(at)

The Guild's long-awaited Request for Proposals service is scheduled
to be launched the week of March 9, 1998, as the first of our
Jobs/Contracts programs for our Plus members!

Guild members at the Plus (or Associate) level of membership can
access the RFP program and mailing list, and post and read RFPs
for contractual or freelance projects.  (Future services in the
Jobs/Contracts program will provide for resume posting and help
wanted advertisements.)

More information on the RFP program can be had by writing to the
RFP manager at <rfp-manager(at)>, or by accessing the following
web page:

The Request For Proposals program is dedicated to the memory of
J. Coquette Owen, HWG Volunteer.

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5.  Gearing Up for Online Classes!
    (Matthew Miller, Online Classes Manager, m(at)

As you may have heard, the Online Classes program is getting off the 
ground (wild cheers in the background)!  We need volunteers right now, so 
if you've been waiting for the perfect moment to donate your skill and 
time to the Guild, the time is here.

We are putting together a small program to begin with - 3 classes of 20 
students - but plan to build to a full slate of 10 classes per 8 week 
term.  Right now we're working on getting the CGI system running, 
recruiting instructors, and generally working out the details.  

You can get an idea of what we have planned at our new classes page:

If you have organizational experience in administration of similar 
programs, or CGI programming experience, or education experience, or just 
want to help any way you can, please contact Matthew Miller <m(at)>.

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6.  Upgrade Your Membership Online -- Now Easier than Ever!
    (Kynn Bartlett, Governing Board Member, kynn(at)

Guild membership is free -- and what a bargain at that price!  If
you would like to support the Guild's activities and help ensure that
we're able to continue to bring you mailing lists, website resources,
services like the Mentor/Apprentice and RFP program, and planned
projects such as Online Classes, you'll want to join the Guild as
a Plus or Value member.  And becoming a dues-paying member just
got easier!

Plus members can participate in all of the Guild's programs and
services, such as the Request for Proposals service or the new W3C
plus-list, at the low rate of $35 US per year.  Value membership is
an even better bargain, supporting the HWG and giving access to
the Mentor/Apprentice and other educational programs for only $20
US per year.

And now you can sign up and pay your dues electronically via secure
server, thanks to The Processing Network's donation of services, and
the hard work of our own Ann Navarro and Mike McGhan.

Support the HWG -- become a dues-paying member today!

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7.  Volunteer Opportunities in the HWG

The Guild is entirely volunteer-run; as such, that means there are
many opportunities for active members to become involved and help
contribute back some of what you may have gained from your Guild
membership!  Volunteering with the Guild is also a great way to 
gain experience, learn new skills, and make friends.

Some of the open positions with the Guild include:

POSITION:  Grant Researcher
           (Contact: Ann Navarro, Treasurer, treasurer(at)

           The Guild is looking for a volunteer to fill the position
           of "Grant Researcher." This individual will report to the
           Guild Treasurer.

           Job duties will include: 

           * Conduct research to find grant opportunities that the
             Guild would be eligible for as a 501(c)3 organization 
             from private and public sources.
           * Assist the Treasurer in completing the required
             application materials for those grants. 
           * Follow up and interface with granting entities as
             requested by the Treasurer/GB. 
           * Other duties as assigned. 

           Complete details are available upon request by sending
           email to treasurer(at)  Interested parties should
           forward a letter of interest and a resume (text in email
           please, no attachments), to treasurer(at)

POSITION:  List Guides
           (Contact: Recruiting Committee, lg-recruiting(at)

           This job entails reading the assigned mailing list,
           participating as a list member, keeping an eye out for
           netiquette and rule violations, and assisting on the list
           and in private wherever possible. This job is worked in
           shifts, averaging 2 "shifts" per week, so connection to
           the net 2 days per week is a must. This position will require
           approximately 7-10 hours per week, and will require
           undergoing a short training period. In addition to having
           experience in the area of your list choice, applicants
           should be flame-resistant and have good judgment and
           understanding of the netiquette guidelines. Note that a
           suspension from the lists in the last 3 months disqualifies
           you from this position. A good history of helpful posts to
           the lists is a plus.

           An introduction to the program and what we do can be
           found at:


           Information for applying (information required by the
           recruiting committee, items considered in evaluating
           applications, etc.) can be found at:


POSITION:  List Owner
           (Contact:  Aaron Choate, List Owner Manager, 

           This job entails reading the list-owner email for the
           assigned mailing list, removing problem email addresses, 
           and helping members subscribe and remove themselves from
           hwg lists.  This position will require approximately 7-10 
           hours per week  (actual time commitment will vary with
           the number of addresses subscribed to the list and the mail 
           load for that list), and will include training in basic
           majordomo list maintenance if necessary.  This position 
           requires that you check your email daily and for the more 
           active lists will require that you can handle large amounts of
           email.  Experience with filters and internet email is

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8.  Newsletter Administrative Notes

Some questions you may be asking:

Q:  Why did I get this mail?

A:  You received this newsletter because you are a member of the
    HTML Writers Guild. This message came from hwg-news, the Guild's
    mandatory mailing list for all members. If you need more information
    about hwg-news, please see the List Charter at:

Q:  How do I unsubscribe?

A:  Since this is a required list in order to maintain your
    Guild membership, unsubscribing is the same as resigning from
    the HTML Writers Guild.

    If you have your Member ID and password, to resign your membership
    in the Guild and to unsubscribe to hwg-news, visit:

    Fill in the pertinent information, and submit it.

    If you don't have a Member ID, or have forgotten your password, send
    mail to:


    with a Subject of: Resign membership

    In the body of the message, provide the following information:
      * Your email address(es)
      * Your member ID if you have one.
      * The list of discussion lists you are on.

    Please remember that unsubscribing to hwg-news automatically resigns
    you from the Guild. If you have problems with unsubscribing,
    please contact the Database Manager <dbadmin(at)> for help.

Q:  What if I want to comment on this newsletter?

A:  The HWG-News Mailing List is a "Read-Only" list -- please do not try
    to reply to this message directly.

    If you wish to contact the editor of this newsletter, you may do
    so by sending email to editor(at)  Each article begins with
    the contact information for the author as well.

    This issue was edited by Kynn Bartlett <kynn(at)>.

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