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Hi Chris,

There is an article at which
describes how to send PGP-encrypted email from ASP.  Here's the abstract:

"August 2, 1999 - Sending Secure Email with ASP and PGP
If you need to send or receive sensitive data across the net, try PGP.
It uses authentication and encryption to secure emails so thoroughly
you'll be happy sending even credit card details through. Frank Shink
and Mason Lyngby explicate."

If you're not using ASP, the details will differ, but I expect the
principles will be the same.

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> Howdy,
> I'm designing a web site for a psychologist that wants to receive secure
> email.  She wants to have email entered in a secure form (protected by
> SSL) on her web site to be sent encrypted to her email account. As I
> understand it, this would mean that messages between her web site
> virtual
> server and her ISP then to her desktop machine need to be encrypted.
> Is PGP the best way to do this?  If so, are there any resources to
> describe how this process works?  In particular, I'm looking for info on
> what software needs to be installed on the web server and at the
> client's
> site.  Also, how does she get a secure (encrypted) reply back to her
> client who entered the email originally on her site?
> Thanks in advance for helping clear this up.
> Chris Montgomery
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