Has Anyone Tested Sausage Software's new WYSIWYG Editor?

by "Paul C. Easton" <2004accounts(at)easton.us>

 Date:  Mon, 31 May 2004 15:52:13 -0400
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I've been using Hot Dog as my primary text editor for about 10 
years.  For the past 1/2 year to a year I've not visited the site or 
participated in the forums.  I still use version 6 and didn't upgrade to 
7.   I didn't really see any major improvements in seven the justified 
the upgrade cost.  When I upgraded from 5.5 to 6 I felt the same way.  I 
haven't seen a major improvement since v. 5.5 (at least for my fairly 
basic HTML/CSS needs).  Hot Dog has long lost its competitive 
edge.  Freeware products like First Page 2000 and HTML Kit, and cheap 
programs like Coffee Cup are almost as good, and in some ways better 
than Hot Dog.

I visited the site today and it looks as if nothing has happened since 
Christmas.  There has been no Sizzler newsletter since December, the 
forums are down for "backup" but have been that way for days, the new 
WYSIWYG editor was supposed to be released in January, according to the 
December newsletter, but there is no news about that anywhere else on 
the site.

Does anyone have the BETA for HotDog's new WYSIWYG editor that was 
provided free on the HD v. 7 CD?  Is it any good?  HD 6 has been very 
unstable on my computer and I've been using First Page 2000, Nvu, and 
HTML Kit for my Web design needs.  I loved Dreamweaver 4 when I used it 
for an on-line legal publication that I worked on in law school a couple 
years back, but I can't justify the $400 price tag for my limited 
needs.  Any recommendations for Hot Dog replacements in the 50-100 
range?  My main complaint with Nvu, HTML Kit, and First Page 2000 are 
the lake of project/site planning and management tools.  Hot Dog was no 
where near as good as Dreamweaver in this regard but as least I could 
manage my sites with its "Websites," CSS, and Mutli Find & Replace features.

And thoughts would be appreciated.

Paul C. Easton

"I call that mind free which jealously guards its intellectual 
 rights and powers, which calls no man master, which does not content
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