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 Date:  Sat, 16 Oct 1999 10:13:28 -0700
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Hi Hubert;

On Sat, 16 Oct 1999, Hubert Earl scribed:

> I want to try out the Linux os, as I've had continual, long-standing an=
> fairly excruciating difficulties with the MS os.  Please advise me wher=
> I can download the most reliable free copy, and in which mailing lists
> or forums I can get the best advice on its use (I don't have access to
> most newsgroups, unless, like netscape or MS newsgroups, they have thei=
> own server).  Thanks a lot.

I would not hesitate to reccomend Linux-Mandrake, I have used it for many
months now and just love it!

Basically their own take on Red Hat, except it defaults to KDE instead of
Gnome, as they are backing some projects in KDE. The 6.1 version has move=
d more=20
to their own unique distro, with some very unique features like an auto u=
icon on the desktop to update to the latest rpms/patches.

The mailing list support for both "newbie" and "expert" is very good, wit=
lots of well informed and helpful posts to get you going.

You can get a $5.00 CD from or if you have a good connecti=
on to
the net I would suggest downloading the ISO image of 6.1. The 6.0 distro =
has a
few nagging bugs that need fixing right go for the 6.1 distro an=
d save
yourself some headaches.

As one of my favourite quotes below states :-)

"In lighter news, there is a complete service pack for NT,=20
fixing all known (and not yet known) problems.=20
Yes, you guessed it, it's called Linux."
-- Rich Bowen <rbowen(at)> HWG-servers Mon, 26 Oct 1998

Thanks RC :-) ...and I hope this helps Hubert.

=09best regards

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