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 Date:  Sat, 1 Jan 2005 13:33:18 +0200
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Hi Emily,

Just quickly some issues that can be corrected easily.

.costOptions - it's too far at 428px. Change it to 393px since the .costMenu
is at 390px. You can also tweak the remaining menus and decide whether
they're all 3px or 5px further than the top menu.

.whiteText- it is good practice to give a background color. If the image
does not load for some reason, or users who've set images off will not be
able to see it. White text on white background.


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If you get a chance, please check this out with your various browsers once
more.  It's at:

I'm ok with the way this looks in IE and FireFox.  I know it looks wretched
in Netscape 4.x and that there are some issues in at least one recent
version of Mozilla.

There are also numerous broken links here.  I'm just trying to get that
front page and the navigation to be acceptable.

Happy new year.  Thanks again to all who offered suggestions.  I think what
made this better was to make sure to have a position:relative style around
any position:absolute style that I cared about.  Makes things truly ugly,
but, heh.

-- Emily

Emily Berk

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