Re: CSS stops working, and class problem.

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Thanks Eric,

The interaction of JS and CSS was news to me. Seems like a crazy way to do

And the inclusion of a font family in the .footer class fixed my other
problem - and I've made it a little larger - maybe Mac users can see it now
if they really need to :-)

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>>I've just been checking out the <noscript> </noscript> tags for a page
>>needs JavaScript, and I found that if I turned JS off in Netscape 4.04,
>><noscript> stuff worked OK, BUT all the CSS on the page stopped working.
>>Is this a known bug?

   Yes, it is.  Netscape depends on Javascript to make CSS work.  It's a
long story, but the short short version is that Netscape wanted to make
styles and behaviors intertwined, but the W3C decided on a different path.

>Might this line- font: normal 8pt/12pt;   be causing the problem? Have you
>tried it with just one font size defined?

   Yes, but not for the reasons you think.  A 'font' declaration must have
a font-family associated with it; IE may let this pass, but Netscape won't,
and is right not to do so.  The 8pt/12pt is valid (if inadvisable) in that
it defines 8pt text with a 12pt line-height.
   If you must make the text too small to be read on Macintosh monitors,
you'll have to at least add a font-family, like this:

   font: normal 8pt/12pt sans-serif;

...or declarations to that effect.

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