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Use a <div>to format your text</div>. It stinks, but CSS isn't as mature
as we'd like it to be yet. That's not even getting into the browser
support issue, which is the basis for a good 50% of the questions in
some lists.


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| But what do I put in the tag?
|   Table { text-align: center; } has been suggested.  The problem is
| centers all the text in the table.  I have a table with left aligned
| text.  I want the text to be left aligned, but the table to be
| centered.  What I'm wanting to do is put a page layout in a fixed
| table and then center it so that in higher resolutions it's centered
| than strung out across the page or stuck on the left.  Make sense?
| there's another way to do this?
| Kathie Riechmann
| bkrweb(at)
| At 03:58 AM 3/20/01 -0500, Frank Looper wrote:
| >span or div either one works well for that. I believe that you can
| >have a .table, .td, or any other selector that you choose, just so it
| >validates.
| >
| >Frank
| >
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| >Subject: positioning
| >
| >
| >| Is it possible to center a table using css?  I can do it with
| >| align="center" in the table tag, but can I do it just with css?
| >|
| >| Kathie Riechmann
| >| bkrweb(at)
| >|

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