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by "Mark Martens" <mark.martens(at)>

 Date:  Wed, 28 Mar 2001 13:09:19 -0500
 To:  "'Ed Peddycoart'" <ed(at)>,
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  todo: View Thread, Original that case you can simply create a class and assign it to whatever
tag you wish...

.mine {color:white; background:blue;}

then use the <H6 class = mine> can also use the same class for other
tags, unless you qualify it as such:

H6.mine {color:white; background:blue;}

in the style.  The former makes the class available to all tags, the latter
restricts it to being used (when you want it) by the H6 tag.

Hope this helps...


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I would like to keep the original H1, H2, etc. untouched.  If I do the

H6 {color:white; background:blue;}

then won't all sections that are H6 have white text on blue background?  I
just want to use H? as a starting point.


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>How about just defining the H6 with those characteristics...
>H6 {color:white; background:blue;}
>It will keep the remaining characteristics of a H6 tag, but will "inherit"
>these additional characteristics.  Hope this helps.
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>Subject: Inheritance
>I have some HTML that I want to have the same style as H1, H2 etc. except,
>say, a different color, or maybe, a little bit different margin, for
>example.  I don't want to dink with the standard H1, H2, etc.
>parameters, so
>I thought this would be a good time to inherit (? is that the correct term)
>the properties of the headers into some new classes for my use.
>Can someone
>point me to a simple example for doing this?  For example...say I wanted to
>have a class name MyH6, which had the same style as H6, except the text is
>white, and the background is blue.  Thanks.

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