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by "Abhay S. Kushwaha" <abhay(at)>

 Date:  Fri, 22 Oct 1999 10:25:40 +0530
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My way is to start up the HTML file with my basic Style Sheet embedded
in the <head>. Then, as I code up my page, I keep adding CSS rules as
and when I need them till I get to the </HTML>. Then it's just a
simple cut n' paste and there it goes to the external file. Sometimes,
I need to add a few rules later and then it's much easier to modify a
single file. :)

Haven't done it with WYSIWYG editors so wouldn't be of much help
there - I use WYSIWYG just to get the bulk in. The refinement is
always done by hand and it always leads me to go through my code and
mark up the Style Sheet like I described above.


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> I'm getting ready to start another web site. Up until now, I've been
> with using embedded CSS and this time I want to have an external
page. My
> question is, what is the working order that some of you use when
doing this?
> (Please kindly straighten me out if I misuse terminology)  Should I
make up
> all my pages, then do the external style page, then go back and
insert the
> proper rules? Do I make a list of any possible style rules that I
might use
> and then eliminate what I don't use? I must admit I don't regularly
do a mock
> up on paper, and if I do, its only blocking (not color, size, font,
etc). But
> maybe that's how I should start this one? I'm kind of sitting here
ready to
> start but not sure how. Just looking for a jump start!

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