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by "Frank Looper" <htmlhardcoder(at)>

 Date:  Mon, 19 Mar 2001 05:32:33 -0500
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That's a "never mind". I found the problem. I had put a background color
in the A: link stuff to shut up the validator and forgot about it. Why
is a bg color required for A:? Anyway, took out the bg color and the
stylesheet still validates, I just have 3 warnings in it now. Scr#w it,
ya know? Validation is all I really needed. That W3C checkmark sure
looks good on a page, lol. Anyway, y'all tell me what you hate about the
design so I can finish the site. The thing I like best about that page
is that it should loadf REALLY fast. Less than 18 kb with all files,
including the stylesheet. That's less than 3 secs at 48k (hey, most
people don't have clean phone lines).

Have fun,

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Subject: image transparency problem in a table

| I apologize for cross-posting. This also went to techniques.
| Would someone help this tired old boy out and look at
| for me? The buttons aren't
| coming up transparent like they should. The stylesheet is at
| I'm kinda tired, and it's
| probably something simple, but hopefully someone's up and around to
| me. The database is done, the scripts are done, now the freakin'
| front-end is tryin' to mess with me. BTW, I'm looking currently via IE
| 5.5, Win2k.
| Thanks in advance,
| Frank

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