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by "Justin H." <justinh(at)>

 Date:  Thu, 29 Mar 2001 09:57:28 -0800
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You have to ask for it like this:


As I understand it, you can only get left, top, right, bottom, width, height
and display from this and there may be some quirks.  The value is returned
in pixels - i.e., 19px.

It's a round about way, but if IE supports the defaultView object, you
should be able to apply this to IE6 also, depending on how much of the DOM 2
spec it honors.

No guarantees, warantees or intelligence implied by the previous statement.
Your mileage may vary.  etc, etc, etc...

Justin H.

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Subject: how to get the height of an element

> Hi everyone.  I'm new to the list, so sorry if this question has been
> asked previously.
> Does anyone know how to get the height of an element where its
> height hasn't been explicitly set?  This was possible in Netscape4
> browsers, but I can't seem to get it in Netscape6.  For example,
> in Netscape4 I could ask:
> document.layers[some_number].document.height,
> and it would return the height of that element (in my case a DIV tag).
> However, with Netscape6 the call:
> document.getElementById(some_id).style.height doesn't give a height
> because I have not explicitly set it (I can't).
> Thanks in advance, and sorry for the beginner question.
> jason

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