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by "Tim Rivera" <lists(at)>

 Date:  Mon, 21 Apr 2003 10:32:17 -0400
 To:  "arkady" <arkady473(at)>,
 References:  yahoo
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> Need to ask if someone could help with the positioning on this site so
> that the left side navigation does not overrun the header/footer. It
> is especially prominent in IE6.

Absolute positioned boxes are taken out of the normal flow, therefore have no
effect on the position of other content. As long as the side nav has an
absolute position, there is nothing in CSS you can do to ensure that it won't
overlay the footer (other than adding a bunch of white space.)

I suggest floating the navigation DIV instead, and then giving the footer DIV
"clear: left".

BTW, <p /> is NOT really valid, and IE and Mozilla seem to not be rendering
those. Only emply elements (such as IMG, BR, HR, LINK, INPUT) can have an
ending start tag. I do not know why the W3C Validator does not flag this.

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