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by Sharon Elix <saelix1970(at)netscape.net>

 Date:  18 Oct 99 15:19:29 PDT
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Hello Style List

I'm new to this list and have two CSS questions. I originally posted this=

message on the HWG Basics list but was informed that this list was a more=

appropriate forum for my queries. I hope someone can help me. :)


  I have two cascading style sheet (CSS) questions that currently have me=

  stumped. I'll start with the easier of the two:

  1. I would like my external style sheet to display all <hr> tags throug=
  the site I'm working on, as 1 pixel high and noshade. I achieve
  the effect inline, with the following syntax: <hr size=3D1 noshade>.
  How do I achieve this effect using CSS? My HTML text tells me that
  both the size and noshade attributes are deprecated in HTML4.0 since
  the effects can be achieved with style sheets, but doesn't tell me

  2. In my external style sheet I've set the following property values
  for the <p> tag: { p font-family: Arial, Helvetica, Geneva, sans-serif;=

  font-size: 10pt }. At the bottom of each page, I have a menu bar
  which is inserted in each file via the Server Side Include (SSI)
  include command. I want the text in this "footer" to be smaller
  than the body text, but am having problems achieving this effect.
  The first thing I did was to insert the inline style
  <.p style=3D"font-size: -2pt">. Nothing happened. I thought this might
  be because 10pt is the minimum size of my specified font-family. I
  then tried altering the font-family names but this didn't appear
  to work either. If I understand style precedence correctly, I would
  have thought the inline style would have taken precedence over the
  external sheet, notwithstanding that the file is included via a SSI
  directive. Can anyone help me?


Ps I'm afraid I can't include an URL for the site in question as it's loc=
on an internal development server, behind a firewall.

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