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At 04:08 PM 3/20/01 , bkrWeb Services tickled the electrons and they 
aligned themselves to form these words:
>But what do I put in the tag?
>  Table { text-align: center; } has been suggested.  The problem is that 
> centers all the text in the table.  I have a table with left aligned 
> text.  I want the text to be left aligned, but the table to be centered.
>[big snip]
>>| Is it possible to center a table using css?  I can do it with
>>| align="center" in the table tag, but can I do it just with css?

You can place the table in a DIV that uses text-align:center and it will 
work. Just replace Table with Div in your example above and enclose the 
table in DIV tags and it should work just fine,

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