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by Emily Berk <emily(at)>

 Date:  Thu, 06 Jan 2005 05:29:13 -0800
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Thanks again for your interesting comments.

If I remove the htc that creates the hover in IE for Windows, and implement this in JavaScript only as described in, say, the multimenu at csscreator, 


"If JavaScript is disabled the menu wont work in any Version of IE but should keep working on all other browsers."

My implementation 
works in IE for Windows and every other browser I've tried, regardless of whether JavaScript is enabled or not, 

except for this one browser (IE for Mac).  I think.  

So, I think if I trade off ALL IE for Windows with NO IE for Mac, I've probably still made the right choice.

Too bad I have to make this choice, but from what I can tell, I do have to make a choice.  

Do you agree that this is the choice that I am making?

-- Emily

At 10:29 AM 1/6/2005 +0200, Sophia Kapterian (E-mail) wrote:
>Hi Emily,
>To eliminate rendering inconsistencies you must avoid proprietary or
>deprecated tags and have valid markup. Browsers use some form of error
>correction to guess what the page should look like when they encounter
>invalid html and no two browsers will guess the same. So if you want to
>create forward-compatible sites, take the time to correct the markup.
>You actually don't have that many errors. The validator will refer to about
>26 in your markup but there are actually two main ones:
>the <DEFANGED_layer> element which is Netscape proprietary tag and the <ul> for the navigation.  ...
>... The other error refers to the - behavior:url("") in #navcontainer li - which is not terminated with a semicolon. This is to make ie understand :hover on elements other than <a> but fails css validation.
>There are a number of resources for dropdown menus with pure css and
>javascript that work in ie and are valid.
>For a popular dropdown, read the article at alistapart for Suckerfish
>The final example is posted here:
>You can also check out the multimenu at csscreator with a number of other
>helpful resources:

Emily Berk

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