RE: Options for Browser-interfaced ftp on the mac??

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 Date:  Thu, 28 Mar 2002 11:16:52 -0500
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Yes, netscape on the mac is the one client that does work. 

Sorry, I guess I was rambling a bit, by the end of the post the question
had come down to a request for reviews of server-side scripting
languages to build a web page interface to an ftp server

Or such an interface that already exists (if there is one)

Somebody has done exactly what I want in PHP (ftp2http? Http2ftp? -- one
of those), but PHP will only run on an OSX mac server, this one is
WebStar on an earlier version

Any experience with macPerl out there? 


Comments about stability, comparisons between these &/or AppleScript,
etc will be very much appreciated

Also any experience you may have comparing macPerl to activestate or
regular perl, asp to macasp (missing features, buggy areas, whatever..)

Thanks again!


If you're using matt's script archive, you might be interested in the
nms project on sourceforge

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I always used to upload via FTP with my browser, even when it was 
Netscape 3, from my Mac.
Do I recall seeing scripts on Matt's that will let you do this..?

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