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 Date:  Sun, 29 Sep 2002 17:37:03 +0300
 To:  "'Frank Boumphrey'" <bckman(at)>,
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> Can anyone tell me whether 'spiders' routinely follow 
> redirections on pages.
> For example my index.php may have...
>   header("Location: main.php")
> where I have all my meta tags etc.
> Will the search engine go to main.php?
> Does this vary wfrom spider to spider?

When a search engine comes to index.php and will be redirected, it will
usually delete the old page from its database and will replace it with

It will simply think that the page has moved (and when the redirection
is in place on the site, then it apparently has moved, as the same would
happen for usual visitors) and adjusts its index (database records)


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