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For Netscape you need two extra commands. Basically you have two
commands for IE and two commands for Netscape. Both sets can sit in the
body tag with no problems. Therefore your body should look like:

<body leftmargin="0" topmargin="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0">

Hope this helps.


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I tried your suggestions but no luck on either 1 or 3.

I do have the topmargin=0  and it still does not get the edges.

and I played with variations of background settings, but they either
other problems, like the image gets somehow corrupted, or the image 
disappears completely.

At 3/18/2002 04:22 PM, Davies, Elizabeth H. wrote:
>1. The only way to get NN4 to go to the edge is the time honored hack
>the body tag (margintop=0, etc).
>2. Not seeing this phenom.
>3. NN repeats background images to all children unless something else
>specified as background. In this case it's repeating in the table cell.

>Specify <<background="none">> for the td or an invisible spacer
>image in the style sheet.
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