RE: Even after all these years...

by "tim booker" <timbooker(at)>

 Date:  Wed, 18 Jul 2001 23:10:32 +0100
 To:  <bryan.westbrook(at)>,
 In-Reply-To:  amd
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> That willingness to forgive is causing a lot of sloppy code
> to get onto the net undetected.

The problem is, though, that many people talk about Netscape 4 as if it's
wonderful and strict in it's rendering of web pages.

I would suggest that there are very few cases where Netscape displays a
broken page because of a mark-up error that IE has forgiven.  More often, it
is due to Netscape's absolute inability to display even valid mark-up

Let's not give Netscape too much credit for anything!


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