Re: StyleSheets Killed the Table code Star... (well, not yet)

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 Date:  Sun, 10 Mar 2002 05:38:10 -0500
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    Hi Nathan,
    Looks fine in Internut Exploder V. 5.50.4134.0100 on M.E., except the
cell with your copyright is about 3 pixels off to the left.....
    I can check Nutscrape V. 3.0 & 4.08 on ME if you like, also eariler
I.E.'s & OS's if I fire up the other 'puters - right now I'm having my own
dilemma.....(see the upcoming "Dynamic Menu width confusion").
    ~ Paul

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Subject: StyleSheets Killed the Table code Star... (well, not yet)

> OK, I hate to ask, because this seems like something I should be able to
> figure out by myself, but I'm spending too much time beating my forehead
> this evening, and I'm passing the point of diminishing returns. <sigh>
> Anyway, my problem is either with tables or with stylesheets. I think. I'm
> not really sure. I had something that seemed to be working, but as I've
> tried to make it XHTML compliant, and move from tables to stylesheets for
> lot of things, I ran into a bump.
> I'm using a mac, and in IE5 it's working fine. (Probably because the
> browser is "forgiving" whatever the boo boo is.) When I started looking in
> either Opera, or Netscape 4 or 6, I noticed that there was extra space at
> the bottom of the table cells. I tried removing any spaces or tabs in the
> source code, and putting the content of the cells between the <.td> and
> <./td> tags, etc. No luck.
> If nothing else, I'd like to hear what the result is in various browsers
> the windows platform... maybe this is a mac issue? I'm doubting it, but
> won't bet anything at this point.
> The questionable page in question can be found (for the moment) at
> ~Nathan Lyle
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> men, but that we will meanwhile agree to meet them halfway." - Bernard
> Avishai

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