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 Date:  Sat, 1 Dec 2001 16:19:32 -0000
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> On a site that has membership and an ongoing relationship,

It's not really a "membership" site, it's literally just a periodic

> If it's just a form submission site you can use some of the built in
> networking functions of perl (provided the NT version has them)

Perl is a little flaky on the version of NT this site uses (the server
admins don't permit much).  Like I said, it's just a period newsletter so
sending data to find out if an email is valid is over-kill.  But I'll keep
it in mind for possible future projects!  For now I think I'll go with the
"confirm email" field.

> $namevariable =~ s/\b(\w)/\U$1/g;

Doh! I knew it.... sorry, I was having a mind-block moment thinking it would
be a lot more complicated than it is.  It's Saturday... it's a chill-out

> I'd be careful here though, there are some valid lowercase variations on
> names ... French comes to mind all the 'de Gaul' and 'des Plaines' folks
> might get a little riled if you go capitalizing them to De and Des

Oh!  I had forgotten about that (can I blame Saturday again?).  Ok, either I
set up a list of valid lower case names and account for them in the script,
or I abandon the little flourish of consideration and let people be
addressed in lower case.  Perhaps I'll just add a little line to the form
saying "Please type in your name as you wish to be addressed in the
newsletters" (only a less clunky sentence).

Thanks for helping,

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