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Good questions.

These answers are really just my opinion.

Web Designer:  Primarily a front end developer.  Skills that I would look
for if hiring a web designer are:
	- expertise in high end graphics applications, such as Photoshop or
	- excellent CSS skills
	- excellent DHTML skills
	- thorough knowledge of HTML in all of it's flavors
	- excellent browser compatibility knowledge
	- excellent web page layout and design skills as they relate to usability
	- firm knowledge of JavaScript

Web Developer:  Primarily a backend developer. Web developers should have
most of the skills listed above with the exception of the layout and design
and graphics knowledge. In addition a web developer should have the
following skills:
	- expertise in at least one OO language such as Java, C or VB
	- expertise in at least one flavor of server side scripting such as JSP,
ASP, PHP or Cold Fusion
	- firm grasp of internet protocols & standards
	- expertise in some form of database such as SQL Server, MySQL or Oracle
	- firm grasp of architecture design and implementation as it applies to the

I've not covered everything here obviously, but you get the idea.

I have worked with some people who've had Comp Sci degrees who practically
levitated in front of the computer they were so good. But then I have also
worked with Comp Sci graduates who couldn't code their way out of a paper
bag much less defrag their system...  One of the most talented developers I
have ever worked with graduated with a degree in theatre arts. I saw this
guy learn java and in 6 months he was better than most of the seasoned java
vets we had on staff... So what I am saying is that it totally depends on
the person and what they are willing to put into it.

- Andre

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Ok, so now that I've heard from a few of you and gotten your input on
what a designer/developer needs in the field today, I have two new

1. a. What is a web designer?
b. What is a web developer?
c. What is the difference between the two and how do you tell which you
are or want to be?

2. Do you think a person should go to a college/university/etc. to get
an Associates in Web Design if they are NOT teaching some of the
required skills you feel are needed in the field today? What would be
the way for a person to break into the field today if not attending a

Any comments and responses would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Jami Moore

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