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Boy... aren't we a negative person lol :)

I wasn't trying to start an argument with anyone on this topic coz I'm
sick of the way these lists get to that stage. I also was not saying
that this was necessarily the reason for everyone to just take on .Net
in their company or whatever. I said quite clearly that it's why OUR
company was looking at it (plus quite a few other reasons which I said I
couldn't remember). Plus I would like to point out certain things may
have been available in other languages but that's not the point. The
point is it is what you of your company prefers or needs.

Also in regards to your comment about my first point... it had nothing
to do with bandwidth (what I was talking about). It was to do with
server-side processes (what all these languages are). Pre-compiled code
runs faster than on the fly code. Much like stored procedures run faster
than code in the page etc.etc.etc. I also did not say I was trying to
write a fully fledged application on the web. Anyway my whole email is
what I was just saying would b good for my company not necessarily for
other ppl.

Mr Brett
"That's a pain that will surely linger, and that's no lie"
- Ed Grimely

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> 1. The code is compiled beforehand (and so runs faster) and can be
> in a much more modular approach,

Bandwidth is now and will be for some time to come the limiting factor
web based apps. Guys, with dsl and cable providers going to the wall
flaking out all the time it just ain't gonna happen any time soon except
intranets with internal apps.

Heaven forbid relying on MSWord.NET (sarcastically conjured term
here) for loading of your company documents down the .NET while your dsl

flickers and fails yet again ...

> 2. The code is much more powerful (and I think somewhat customizable)
> plus it can do things like draw graphs/charts and other graphics on
> fly without having to purchase 3rd part plug-ins.

Maybe I'm missing the point here ... but gd (free) on *nix has been
that for years, with cgi (free), PHP (free) and various other

So far I haven't heard anything about .NET that hasn't been done
somehow before ... or is that the plan? MS will copy what others have 
done/are doing, put their brand ($$) on it and sell it as their brand
product and the best thing since sliced bread?


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