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by "Brandon Coughlin" <bcoughlin(at)>

 Date:  Mon, 31 Dec 2001 15:44:36 -0800
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I agree with Nora, I do see Netscape failing quickly.  I too strongly
believe that delay in releasing the last version of NN was their downfall.
It pretty much gave Microsoft the "umph" they needed to gain control of the
remaining Netscape users.  In my opinion, Netscape's interface got too
technical in their last couple of releases.  People aren't looking for
something with lots of buttons to learn to use.  It is the same rule as in
web design,  - they are looking for something that is fast and simple to use
to get the job done and find what they are looking for.  I think Netscape
lost that element in their software.

I think AOL will release one more upgrade to their Netscape browser before
calling it quits, but I strongly believe they lost the race a long time ago.

I am one that does not like shutting out any site visitors if it is
possible, so I try to keep my websites compatible with the top three
browsers if possible.  But if I have to pick between IE or NN, it will
definitely be IE.

Thanks for the good thread!

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