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> A (commercial) business web site (or collateral marketing materials) can
> have short quotes properly attributed regardless if it is David Letterman
> the Pope without permission. Just like we an add famous quotes to our
> signature lines on email, business or otherwise.

Thanks for everyone's reply.  I think this makes sense, since now that I
think about it, there are scores of commercial sites out there using quotes
from other sources.

A good example is  The very essence of this site depends
on the quotes of others.  I know that the creator of this site originally
started it as non-commercial but judging from the banners and other
advertising, it is clear it is quite commercial now.

I've also noticed that is quick to say that they've
copyrighted the "the selection and compilation" of quotes, not the quotes
themselves.  It is clear that in some form, this site is also using quotes
for monetary gain (though indirectly through advertising).

Once again I appreciate the wealth of comments and sources --I think I now
have what I need to form a conclusion.


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