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I agree, perl is awesome and I fell in love with it myself in '95. But, he
is looking to teach a class of students to become web developers with some
hope of getting a job when he's done. To that end I still say JSP or one of
the .net flavors. Preferably jsp.

If you check the major job sites on the internet you will find that there
seem to be more jsp positions out there than anything else.  .NET positions
are on the rise as well.

my 2c


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Ahh perl, I like to use it for fly traps and setting goat wire myself.
Sometimes it helps to sing me to sleep also.
You know once, it even wrote a program for me. I couldn't believe it! I was
just watching the screen and the cursor( in vi of course) starting going.
Ok, so it was my cat, but it parsed!

You know, thinking about what lang to choose is goofy. I am currently
writing a big app that involves a lot of system work, FreeBSD, Apache, what
the hell can I do to get my DB connections to be persistent when I also need
to use DB security for a large number of users, I think web browsers suck
shit, so I am writing a Java application to talk to the server. The system
also is making use of mod_perl an Apache proxy, and jpool for JDBC
connection pooling. All of this is working together like magic because I am
using the best tools for the job. Perl, for mean makes parsing easy as hell,
and lots of HTML parsing, and XML parsing tools for Java that are commercial
tools, don't come near to what some CPAN modules can do for free. But I
don't want to use perl on the PC windows desktop, it worries me, so the Java
application which also lets me use JDBC which is my absolute favorite thing
that Java has ever done. JDBC is just fucking fantastic. Nothing in DBI or
ODBC comes close. Yet I am also using a persistent DB connection with DBI
and mod_perl also, that works way faster than JDBC will for the same

Maybe teacher should teach a class that solves a problem, one big problem,
no holds or langs barred. That would prepare the kiddies more for the "real"
(puke sorry for the use of the expression)  world than learning any one lang
and thinking that is best because it should be first or whatever. Anyway any
stupid ass knows C is first to learn, all modern lang are in some way based
on C syntax. But then I learned perl first and look were it got me :)
Well where ever it got me, I do make a nice living on this stuff. It makes
sense after the fact to learn C first, I wish I had done it that way, but I
have no idea if it really would have mattered or not.


At 09:55 AM 3/25/02 -1000, David Jones wrote:
>On 25 Mar 2002, at 17:15, Andrew McFarland wrote:
>> There are a few advantages to perl that nobody has mentioned yet:
>>    *  It is versatile. You can use it everywhere, from database
>> to log file analysis, formatting your e-mail, process controlling.
>Since it can read and modify any data stream, you can
>use it to convert graphic file formats, too.
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