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 Date:  Tue, 3 Jul 2001 12:18:38 +0100
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I was going to do that anyway.  I was just wondering what might happen with
the redirect.

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> As a rule of thumb, I think you will find the SEs will just ditch the old
> site when they come to a 404 with no active links.  To be on the safe
> I'd submit the new site for the spiders to index.
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> Subject: search engines and 404
> I had a web site which was well indexed with search engines.
> However, I have recently taken the site offline, in favour of a new site
> which has a different URL, structure and content.
> In order to redirect people to the new URL, I deleted the old site from
> server and changed the htaccess file to set the new URL as the 404 error
> page.
> The question is... What effect will this have on the search engines when
> they come to re-index the old site?  Any general wisdom about this sort of
> thing?
> Tim

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