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 Date:  Sun, 8 Jul 2001 18:59:03 -0400
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Well then I suppose mine is ugly and well....
boring to say the least??

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> I usually stay out of this kind of conversation, but I just wanted to say
> that this person is a rebel with his own cause.  He sees the Internet and
> that one of yester-year -- for information, not for beauty and
> entertainment.  I understand where he is coming from, but he is missing
> point.  Those of you that are graphics designers and web design
> entrepreneurs are... well, let's face it, you're in the entertainment
> business!  :)  The Net is entertainment for most of us, and most of us
> wouldn't have it any other way.  Is it for information?  Yes.  But, what
> this gentleman doesn't realize is that we will go to a site looking for
> information and if all it contains is words with no color and no life,
> of us move on to one with the information AND color.
> It is difficult and even annoying to keep up with the changes in the
> industry, on that note he is correct.  However, it is also part of the fun
> of the Internet - learning something new and having it look like
> creating something by using your newly learned skills.  Isn't that why
> of us are here?  We can create beauty and functionality by mastering the
> HTML language and the "Techniques" that go along with it.  Functional
> beauty.  It would be pretty boring if all we had to look at were a gray
> screen with black text.  Most of us would go back to falling asleep in
> of the TV.  Mr. Raymond doesn't agree, oh well.
> Warm fuzzies to all you gifted designers and layout geniuses!  Have a
> weekend!
> Evelyn in Honolulu
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> don't you think these jakob nielsens, eric steven raymonds just promote
> they call useable
> sites (ie no graphics, backward compliant) because they can't actually
> design?

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