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 Date:  Fri, 13 Sep 2002 16:26:40 -0500
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I would have to agree here. I tend to close pop-up windows, regardless of
the size, before they can load completely. I am much more appreciative of a
site that gives me the choice of seeing that information for myself. Now, if
I click on a link and it opens in a new window, that's a different story.


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> Sorry, can't help on that, only can say that I consider
> sites that do that rude. If I decide your site is worth
> looking at full screen, I'll do that myself, thank you.
> David
> dvjones(at)
> On 13 Sep 2002, at 10:26, Lisa Bradshaw wrote:
> > Thanks to those who helped me open new windows with
> > custom dimensions. I decided to go the HTML route. Now,
> > my question is, using the code I have for opening the
> > new window, how do I force the new window to open in a
> > maximized browser? Here's the code I'm using. What
> > parameter do I need to add to it to mke it do this?

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