Adobe Illustrator

by "Christine Weiss" <bewise(at)>

 Date:  Fri, 6 Jul 2001 20:43:01 -0500
 To:  <hwg-techniques(at)>
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Hello... I badly need a question answered about Adobe Illustrator and I've
checked every forum and board I know of to no avail. If anyone can point me
in the right direction I'd sincerely appreciate it. The problem is this....

I have been doing design work nearly forever and do understand the
fundamentals. Recently I started using Adobe Illustrator. Things were going
quite well, then all of a sudden whenever I try to Export or Save for Web as
a .jpg or .tiff I'm getting some kind of a file that none of my other
programs recognize. All I get is a warning that says "Unknown file format."

The screwy part is that I have, several times, been able to Export or Save
for Web and everything has worked perfectly. I've been able to open the
resulting .jpg in any other program I wanted.

Have I inadvertently changed some subtle setting??? This is driving me
nutz!!! And of course I'm in the middle of a big project. Any assistance
will be greatly, sincerely, and lovingly appreciated. Thanks.



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