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 Date:  Wed, 26 Dec 2001 12:20:01 -0000
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Let me get this straight..

You want an image rollover, but with text on a layer floating above it.

How about copying the event handlers from the link around the image, and
putting them in a link around the text?

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> Well happy holidays
> If there's anybody here, I've got a question.
> I'm trying to build a "virtual bitton"
> I've got the basic graphic, complete with JS rollover to
> a selected image. Next I write some text, including some pulled
> from a DB on top of the button - works great.
> The problem, neither the rollover or button link are active if the
> pointer is over text. I've tried playing with layers and clear images
> to get the effect I want, but no luck.
> Any ideas how to do this, it only has to work in
> IE/Windows (its on an intranet).
> thanks
> Mike
> Michael Sauer
> Univ. MO Research Reactor
> Columbia MO
> (573) 882-5327
> sauerm(at)

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