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 Date:  Wed, 27 Mar 2002 12:58:43 -0400
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1- Because sometimes people could be interested on it.
2- They're a local hosting company.
3- Right now, an entire machine on my own don't fit on my needs.
4- I think that's the list to ask it. Others would be ot.


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> >     Does anyone had been using hosting services?  Since
> >their
> >terms and services are not very clear, I'm a little concerned.
> >
> >     Eduardo
> To All,
> Since we're all professionals here, why in the heck are we having these
> discussions about nickle-and-diming clients? For heavens sake, PICK A
> DECENT HOSTING COMPANY, somebody local (my recommendation), or setup your
> own server (again, I recommend somebody local, or check out one of the
> thousand data centers like Rackspace) where you can get an ENTIRE MACHINE
> for $100-$200 for tens or hundreds of domains.
> There is no way that a professional would deal with these penny-anty
> services.
>          Lee

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