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by "Michael Gerholdt" <gerholdt(at)>

 Date:  Wed, 27 Mar 2002 13:45:25 -0500
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Does using 3 characters mean that the CSS doesn't work in some browsers?

First I've ever heard of that.

If so, of course, you're correct that they should be avoided.

But I think you are flogging the wrong horse; I've never noted that any
browser didn't handle 3 characters as well as 6.

Once upon a time, if I remember correctly, CSS did not require the # in
front of color hex numbers .... or if that isn't correct, at least browsers
didn't mind it being not there.

Now even IE the forgiving is unhappy in the absence of #. The problem with
the CSS code (mine) that started this thread was that the # was gone. Use of
3 or 6 characters for the web-safe colors Ryan has referenced is, I truly
believe, a non-issue for browsers, developers, designers, clients and
potential customers all put together.

It's really not about convenience for the developer. Three characters ...
not a back breaker.

Demonstrate to me that 3 character color codes is inaccessible to some
browsers and I promise I'll never use them again.

>your code should encompass as many browser
> versions as possible, meaning shorthand code (although legal) is not the
> way to go.  OTOH, if your personal convenience in site building is more
> important than the potential customers and clients you may drive away, by
> all means use shorthand code.
>Getting wrapped up in the technology for its own sake, for the
> convenience for the designer, and/or for the ego wanking "wow" factor in
> attempts to impress other techies seems to me to miss the Prime Directive.

Warm milk; putcher feet up, grab a blankie  ..... relax! Whewsh!

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