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by "Evelyn Hunter" <boots(at)>

 Date:  Fri, 6 Jul 2001 09:44:36 -1000
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Really?!?  I guess everyone's different.  There are actually a larger
amount of people that prefer just text?  Fascinating.  I never would
have guessed by the people I have worked with and conversed with on
all the mailing lists I am on.  Actually, I am glad to hear there is
such a healthy mix.  Thanks... whoever that was.

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> Usage statistics do not agree with you on this at all.
> Perhaps this is true
> for those who are apt to go into Web design, but it does
> not hold true for
> the general public.
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> From: Evelyn Hunter [mailto:boots(at)]
> wouldn't have it any other way.  Is it for information?
> Yes.  But, what
> this gentleman doesn't realize is that we will go to a > site
looking for
> information and if all it contains is words with no
> color and no life, most of us move on to one with the > information
AND color.

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