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I remember surfing around the net not long ago, and came across a script
which was supposed to turn off the ads on Geocities. What it basically
amounted to was putting the <.noscript> tag in your heading. so it not only
turned off the ads, but prevented you from using any kind of javascript in
your site. I never tried the thing out to see if it worked or not.


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> No ads showing up for me.  Hate to be a party pooper but these services
> usually monitor their customers in some way and when they see that you've
> covered up their ads they will probably delete your account or send
> warnings.
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> Hi all,
> I just had an interesting find. I put up a temporary page at
> on the free page that DirectNic gives out
> with a domain name registration. I used a total CSS layout, just divs,
> no tables, and it covered up the banner ads that came with the free
> hosting. At first the edges of the banners were poking out from behind
> so I made the divs with 100% width and the ads disappeared. Has anybody
> tried this before?
> I just upgraded both of my computers, one to Win XP and the other to
> Mac OS X.2 so I only have very current browsers. Could someone please
> check the site out and see if my page covers up their banner adds in an
> older browser?
> michael

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