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If you re-marketed the book as your own I think you would probably be
right.  However, quotes are exactly that and copyrights can not be
infringed by "quoting" someone else.  Now, if you mis-quote someone that
opens up a whole new can of worms.

Just my $.02


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It is my understanding copyright applies to original works, be they oral
written.  Besides, if you are collecting quotes for a baseball web site,

what you will display are written quotations of an oral utterance.
to me you are talking about something which must be written on a web
(and thus subject to copyright) of an oral utterance (which may also be 
subject to copyright).

If you copy quotations from a book to put on a web site, that book is 
copyrighted and you violate the law if you do not seek and gain
from the copyright owner.  Then again, it is possible the author of the 
book sought and obtained permission from the speaker to use their words
a book, too.  Hence, there is the possibility you may have to seek and
permission not just from the author of the book, but from the original 
speaker as well.


At 09:56 AM 3/21/02 -0700, you wrote:
>Don't copyright laws pertain to written works (books, articles, 
>etc.) as opposed
>to spoken words? I have never seen spoken words copyrighted! Maybe I'm 
>wrong...I dunno!
>Good question though because I designed a baseball site that has quotes

>from baseball
>personalities throughout history, and if there is an issue, I would be 
>interested also.
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>I've been asked by someone to place a random quote on their page.  I 
>figured I'd just find me a book of famous quotes, stick them in a 
>database and write a simple script to randomize them.
>Well, the person doesn't want me to do this because he's concerned 
>about copyright issues.  I didn't think it'd be a problem so long as 
>you attribute the quote to it's proper source, and I've seen countless 
>sites that have these stupid quotes on them (sorry, I think using 
>quotes on a professional site is silly, and told him so in not so many 
>Anyone know of a copyright issue with quotes used in this fashion?  
>It's not like they are using it to sell something, it's just for 
>inspiration...though it is on a commercial site.  I would appreciate 
>responses from those with hard facts, not opinions on the matter, 
>please.  I don't want to open up a big flame war on the topic.

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