css experiment

by "Karin Christensen" <karin(at)imagecyte.com>

 Date:  Wed, 18 Sep 2002 09:07:04 -0700
 To:  <hwg-techniques(at)hwg.org>
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I have created four different ways for this page to display.  I wonder if a
few of you with NN4.7 could test these pages to see on which ones the images
are laying over the text on the right side.

According the client this page is still broken even though I used opening
and closing p tags around the images.

This page is the same as the first but I removed the border rule from the
html code.

In this one I removed the line height from the div rule

In this page I removed the div and put the text rules in a p tag class.
this page needs some additional tweaks but I just want to know if the images
overlay the text.

Thanks in advance,

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