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 Date:  Sun, 7 May 2000 13:41:05 -0500
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this sounds like a perfect fit for ASP. All you need is Microsoft IIS server
and Access db.  The mailing list could be generated from that.

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> On Fri, 5 May 2000 01:24:21 -0700, John R. Cox wrote:
> >Hi All,
> >I have an immediate problem to deal with.
> >I need to modify a form that now sends info via e-mail to my client who
> >it to build e-mail and snail mail lists. They currently have to manually
> >build the list from individual e-mails. How can I modify it (cgi?) so
> >the form writes to a file, ascii formatted comma delimited, and appends
> >growing list?
> >Any ideas? Anyone know of a script somewhere?
> >Much TIA,
> >John
> First off, I don't have a script to hand....
> But one point to note, is that the modified script (easy to do) will
> write to a file on the web site, and your client may, or may not, have
> access to the web site. It may be better to find a way to scan through
> his mail box and build the email address list from there.
> For example, have the form send the emails with a subject that contains
> a key phrase (i.e. "Form submission"), set up a filter on the client
> mail program to filter them into a folder and then run a script there
> to build up the address list. The last bit is of necessity a bit vague
> as it depends on the clients OS, platform and mail client.
> Note that, although it is not a problem to modify a script to do what
> you want on the server, you need to consider how it will be dealt with
> there. What if there are thousands of addresses. Each form submission
> will require opening the file, checking for an existing address,
> appending the address and then closing it. You may want to put in the
> time and date as well. Whether your web host is agreeable to this I
> don't know.
> jalal

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