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 Date:  Mon, 22 May 2000 13:19:24 -0400
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Why not create a new home page on your local hard drive, and then set it up
as the default?
Something like C:\whatever\index.html
Then IE won't try to dial out


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> I should have specified I have IE 4.72.3110.8 under NT Workstation 4.0
> Sorry.  When I start it up I see a "Tools" menu option briefly, but all it
> contains are file find and disconnect network drive options.
> Options or right clicking the icon and selecting Properties-Connections
> shows me the dialer list, but I can't delete the entry and there's no "Do
> Connect" check box.
> I also tried Laura Mollett's idea of blanking out the home page.  Again no
> success.  However, I can hit the cancel button when IE starts to connect
> select "work off-line", but it still brings up the home page.  I cleared
> history, but the home page still shows up.  Lord knows from where.
> Since I have a work around, if someone has another idea, ok, but I can
> with things as they are.  Again, Thanks.
> Paul Kmecak
> Richard Holden wrote:
>  > In IE5 under Tools click on Internet Options, it is in the connection
>  > that you can tell it to never dial a connection. After doing this you
>  > have to manually connect every time you want to use IE online. If you
>  > Netscape for your online browsing this should be no problem.
>  >
>  > -Richard Holden
>  >
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>  > Subject: Stopping IE's Automatic Dialing
>  >
>  > When I check HTML code in Netscape Communicator without connecting to
>  > ISP, Netscape asks if I want to connect to my ISP.  I have the option
>  > not connecting at the moment or not at all during this session.
>  >
>  > When I kick off IE without connecting to my ISP, IE starts connecting
>  > my ISP without asking.  I've looked at everything I could think of
>  > the menu items and didn't find anything useful in "Help".
>  >
>  > All I want to do is see if the HTML looks good in both browsers.
>  >
>  > Netscape is my default browser.  Could that make a difference?  Is
>  > a way to make IE behave?  Should I send an amicus curiae brief  to
>  > Thompson?  Please, just answers, no M$ bashing.  It's fun and all true,
>  > but wastes bandwidth and clogs up everybody's in box.  TIA.
>  >
>  > Paul Kmecak

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